The Dizzying State of Healthcare Marketing

Those 2,700 pages of new legislation that we have come to know as “Obamacare” is doing more than just re-engineering the healthcare segment. It’s radically changing the healthcare marketing landscape, as hospitals and physicians race to engage and remain viable in this new world of Medicare reimbursement levels and pay for performance insurance formulas.

Throughout America, we are seeing more and more in the way of hospital owned or aligned medical practices and Urgent Care facilities. This is causing the healthcare marketing agencies that handle major medical facilities to rethink traditional strategies, shifting to tactics that will promote physician referrals to in turn drive hospital utilization.

Complicating this model, and the ability of hospitals, physicians and Urgent Cares to co-operatively market, are the equally complex Stark Laws, which provide stringent penalties in cases where hospitals are found to have received referrals in exchange for providing value to the physician. This is especially true in the case of Medicare subscribed facilities.

Stay tuned for more on how to effectively – and safely – market healthcare in the months ahead..

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