Asian Marketing Best Left to the Experts

As competition and a sluggish economy continue to drive down gaming revenues, and place more pressure on operators to meet their EBITDA goals, casinos are more aggressively turning their attention to the lucrative Asian market.

While Asian clientele can provide a big boost to a casino’s top and bottom lines, gaming operators need to tread carefully lest their marketing efforts turn off these important customers.

Creating effective Asian marketing programs is not a matter of just sending that newspaper advertisement or party invitation out for a quick translation before tossing it in a publication or dropping it in the mail. It takes specialized knowledge and expertise that can only be gained through decades of marketing to Asian communities throughout the world.

Knowing holidays, menu preferences, gift selections and the proper utilization of colors, symbols, dialects and designs are just a few of tools needed from the skill set. Make certain you choose well when selecting you your Asian marketing agency, lest East and West collide..

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