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Archive: Feb 2013

  1. Asian Marketing Best Left to the Experts

    As competition and a sluggish economy continue to drive down gaming revenues, and place more pressure on operators to meet their EBITDA goals, casinos are more aggressively turning their attention to the lucrative Asian market. While Asian clientele can provide a big boost to a casino’s top and bottom lines, gaming operators need to tread Read More

  2. Bigger Not Better in Banking

    A recent market research study conducted for one of our banking clients shows that it will be a long, long time before the psychological wounds inflicted of America’s financial and mortgage meltdowns are healed (if ever). Individual and business customers alike believe that the concept of the American Dream is at best on life support, Read More

  3. The Dizzying State of Healthcare Marketing

    Those 2,700 pages of new legislation that we have come to know as “Obamacare” is doing more than just re-engineering the healthcare segment. It’s radically changing the healthcare marketing landscape, as hospitals and physicians race to engage and remain viable in this new world of Medicare reimbursement levels and pay for performance insurance formulas. Throughout Read More

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